MovieBox Pro APK V9.0 For Android Download

Download Moviebox Pro APK for Android is a frequently searched topic amongst movie lovers and on-the-go match viewers. This application provides all the premium content to the users without charging any fees from their end.

The Movie box Pro APK for Android can be easily downloaded from various websites available on Google search and can be installed in android devices by following easy steps. This application runs very smoothly and hassle-free in the device as the size is not very huge.

A proper internet connection which provides stable speed and bandwidth along with a fit to use the android device is the only requirement from the APK’s end.

In this article, we will be covering the various features which are offered by Moviebox Pro for Android, the steps to download Moviebox Pro APK, and the requirements which one should keep in their mind while installing and using this application on their android devices.

Download Moviebox Pro APK for Android

Moviebox Pro APK for android devices is an application that gives the users the chance to watch their favourite movies, TV shows, regional movies, and much more at a single place, without any complications and without wasting any time.

This application also allows the user to watch and stream live TV channels on the go in their mobile or any other android operating system based device.

This app does not demand any fees during the download or installation. It is completely free to use and is updated from time to time with bug fixes and speed enhancers from the developer’s end.

Moviebox Pro APK
NameMoviebox Pro
Compatible with4.4+
Latest versionv31.0
Size14.8 MB

Features of Moviebox Pro Latest APK

The Moviebox Pro latest APK offers a lot of features which are not given by similar apps to the users. These features make it one of the most promising apps as it incorporates all the nitty-gritty of the OTT platforms and makes the content available just at one tap.

The list of the wonderful features along with their brief description is given below. These features are very simple to understand and are pretty much self-explanatory to the user.

Variety of Sports Channels

Moviebox Pro provides a lot of sports channels that are capable of streaming live matches of cricket, basketball, football, baseball, lawn tennis, volleyball, and many more.

Whatever sports a person is liking, he or she can watch it on the app for free of cost. The content which is telecasted on television, the same content is available on this particular application.

Choose from 500+ Channels

When the user is using the Moviebox Pro APK for Android, they will easily get access to Jio TV, POGO TV, Hungama TV, and a total of other 500 plus channels which will provide Indian entertainment and foreign entertainment to the viewers.

People can choose from English movies, Hindi movies, regional movies, and even Korean and Hollywood movies. All this entertainment is being provided free of cost along with some of the top Indian daily soap programs from the action, comedy, and drama genres.

Different Section for Movies

If a person does not like TV shows and is a movie buff, then a separate section for movies is provided for them.

From this particular section, the user can choose regional movies, English Movies, Hindi movies, Tamil movies, Telugu movies, Korean movies, Chinese movies, and much more.

The app already has more than 4000 movies that are ready to watch by just one click.

User-Friendly Interface

The interface which is provided by Moviebox Pro APK is the best and can be easily understood by the user.

The categories are made in such a way that they will directly be able to cater to your exact needs. It is designed in such a way that even the senior citizens can easily watch movies or other TV shows using the app on their android devices.

Create Your Personal Favourites List

By downloading the Moviebox Pro APK for mobile, a person can even make his favourite list in which they can freely store movies and TV shows of their favourite genre.

Just like the other streaming platforms Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, this particular application also offers the favourite list option for free of cost.

Firestick and CAST Compatibility

The Moviebox Pro for Android has the capability of supporting fire stick and CAST. If a person wants to watch TV shows or movies on a large screen, then this particular feature might be very helpful for him or her.

With the help of the fire stick, TV shows and movies can be watched on a larger screen then your 6-inch phone. This feature provides a lot of convenience to the viewers.

Tons of Categories to Choose From

This particular application provides a lot of categories for TV shows and movies from which the user can select his or her personal favourite. A lot of animated shows and famous cartoons are also uploaded on this particular application which is suitable for even the children below 18 years of age.

All the categories like sports, entertainment, cartoon, news are covered under a single roof which eliminates the need for using a third-party application.

24×7 Customer Support

The Moviebox Pro for android and PC provides the free existence of customer support chat feature.

The app permits to contact their customer service team in case you are facing any sort of technical issue or are unable to understand any inbuilt feature of the application.

Android devises Support

This particular application is widely accepted all around the world because it can support all android devices. The android operating platform is such a platform which is used by more than 75% of the mobile and gadget users around the world.

As this particular application is easily compatible with the android devices, it makes the process hassle-free and has resulted in easy adoption of this particular APK.

Free of Cost

The best feature which has resulted in the download of Moviebox Pro APK for Android devices is that it can cater to all the needs of viewers without charging even a single rupee from them.

As it is providing free content to all the viewers, it has become the permanent choice of all the people who like to binge-watch movies and sports matches on the go.

Steps to Download Moviebox Pro for Android Devices [Explained]

The easy and time-saving steps to download Moviebox Pro APK for android devices are given below in detail.

But first, it should always be kept in mind by the users that the APK for this application is not available directly on the authentic platforms like Google Play Store or Apple store.

Thus, one has to search for this application on the Google search engine and go to the various websites which are displayed on the search page.

These websites will provide the required file which needs to be downloaded and installed in the android device in which the user wants to stream the live TV and videos.

  • The first and the most important step is to turn on the option which says “UNKNOWN SOURCE” by visiting the settings of the device.
  • The second step is to search for the latest version of the Moviebox Pro APK for android devices on Google and download the latest version zip file from the appearing websites.
  • The third step is to open the downloaded file by double-clicking on it. Read the instructions provided carefully and begin the installation process.
  • The fourth step is to click on the button which displays “INSTALL”.
  • The fifth step is to wait patiently until the installation process is completed. Once the process is completed, you will see the open application button.
  • Click on the open app button to launch the application. After opening the app, the user can start their joy ride of online TV streaming and binge-watching their favourite movie or TV series free of cost, for which they had to pay hundreds of rupees in subscriptions like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Zee5, Hotstar, etc.

Requirements of Moviebox Pro APK for Android

Just like the other apps which we are using on android devices, the Moviebox Pro APK for Android devices also has some requirements which are required to be met for ensuring the hassle-free installing and streaming of the movies and TV channels online.

These requirements are listed below along with their brief description:

  • The first minimum requirement for the application is that it can only be installed on an Android operating system device that has Android version 4.4 and above in it. If the version is older than this, then this particular application cannot be installed.
  • The Android device in which the APK is being installed should have at least 1 Gigabyte of RAM for its smooth installing and proper functioning. If this RAM requirement is not met, then the viewer will not be able to stream HD content on the application.
  • If by chance they can play the high definition content without meeting the 1GB requirement, then the device will show lags and the performance will deteriorate over some time.
  • The third and the most important requirement for the Moviebox Pro APK is a stable internet connection. If a stable and consistent internet connection is not available, then it will result in poor streaming of the content and the user will not be able to experience high-quality movies and live TV channels on the go.

A proper internet connection will also ensure that the live streaming of the cricket and football matches is working properly without any delay when compared with the actual television telecast.

Final Verdict

Moviebox Pro APK for android is a very simple and user-friendly application that allows them to binge-watch all the premium content provided by platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Zee5, etc. free of cost.  

It also gives the users the special feature of enjoying live cricket matches and other sports on the go by the live TV streaming option provided in the application.

The manageable size of the APK along with the endless features which it provides makes Moviebox Pro one of the best and the most preferred choice amongst the binge-watchers and premium content lovers.

For the users who want to use this wonderful application in their personal laptops and PCs, the best way to install this APK is by using the android simulator device in the laptop. This can be easily downloaded from the internet and can be installed without any complexity for ensuring the smooth and hassle free streaming.


Is the Moviebox Pro application available for PCs and laptops also?

Yes, one can download Moviebox Pro APK for android as well as the laptops and PCs. For the android devices, it can be directly downloaded and installed but for the PCs and laptops, it has to be installed using an android emulator device which enables the smooth function of this particular APK.

Can we directly download Moviebox Pro APK from the Play Store or Apple store?

No, you cannot directly download the APK for Moviebox Pro from the Play Store or Apple store. The APK for the same is easily available on the internet which can be directly downloaded from various websites by simply searching about the same on Google.

Is Moviebox Pro APK free to use?

Yes, the Moviebox Pro application is free to use for all the users. The users can avail of the facility either in their android devices or on their personal computers or laptops.

What is the size of Moviebox Pro APK?

The average size of Moviebox Pro APK ranges between 11 MB to 13 Mb, depending upon the version and the constant updates which are given from the company’s end.

What is the basic requirement for downloading Moviebox Pro APK on laptops or personal computers?

The basic requirement for downloading the Moviebox Pro APK in laptops and personal computers is of android emulator device which helps in the smooth installation of the application and also ensures proper functioning of the app.